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Our History

Mistletoe School Building before Consolidation

Pre-Maple School History


District #73 Lovely Valley consolidated with District #72 Midland.

District #71 Red Rock consolidated with district #65 Old Calumet, District #66 Oak and District #67 Mistletoe.

District #95 Eureka consolidated with District #72 Midland

Maple School History

On March 19, 1951, a Special School Meeting was held at the Deep Dale School House at 11:00 a.m. where 4 one-room school districts agreed to consolidate, forming a new school district.  It was to be located at the Mistletoe School site and named Maple School District #162, after the Township Maple.


The 4 consolidating districts were:

District #63-Sunny Hill

District #67-Mistletoe + (#71 Red Rock 1/3)

District #75-Deep Dale

District #100-Blue Ridge

In 1957, 3 more one-room school districts consolidated into Maple School District.

District #72-Midland + (#73 Lovely Valley, #75 Eureka)

District #66-Oak + (#71 Red Rock - 1/3)

District #98-Lone Valley


In the beginning, only the Mistletoe and Blue Ridge buildings were attached to the north side of the existing building. There were 4 grades per room and a total of 2 teachers.  After the last 3 districts became part of Maple, the Midland Building was attached to the south side. Another room was built to make a total of 4 classrooms; each room served 2 grades.  In 1966, a new gym was built.  Later, an addition was added to the south side of the gym for a kitchen, lunchroom and kindergarten classroom upstairs.  In 1995, the present school building was built. The new gym was built in May 2014.

Old Maple

Old Maple 2